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It is only so often that a product intended for one purpose becomes widely used for others. Sometimes, great design shines through and makes all the difference, and that is exactly what has happened with the superb range of DXRacer gaming chairs. Designed specifically for people who spend a long time in one place while playing games online or on a console, this excellent range of chairs does the job superbly, giving excellent comfort and the very best in support for the areas of the back and rest of the body that needs it.

Another impressive feat of design that the DXRacer gaming chairs range has achieved is a relatively rare one – that of being both practical and usable, as well as attractive and timeless. Indeed, these are some of the best-looking chairs in the business, so it is no surprise they have met with many accolades in the world of furniture and industrial design. Having a brief to work towards certainly led the designers in the right direction, but the outcome was something that not only appealed to gamers, but also in other areas too. Why should this be so?

Indeed, these are chairs that – primarily – are favoured by gamers, but are also appreciated by a number of other users. For example, the sheer comfort and ergonomic design of this range of chairs – there are a number to choose from, which we shall talk more about later – has led to them becoming a firm favourite as office chairs both at home and in the city and commercial arena, which is a definite sign of success for such a neat and usable design. So, what is it about the DXRacer gaming chairs range that makes it such an iconic and successful range, and why should you consider them whether you are looking for a chair for gaming or one for office or other use?

Before we go into detail, a few words that may help: make no mistake, these are top quality chairs made from the very best available materials and with fantastic attention to detail. They look great wherever they are used, and you have several takes on a theme to choose from and a variety of different colours. You also get a choice of accessories that you can add to your chair to customise it so it is unique for you, and that is not something you can say about every range of chairs. Now that we know what we are looking at, let’s take a closer look in some detail about why the DXRacer gaming chairs range is one that you should consider, and how you can go about choosing the right one out of the range for you.

Why Choose DXRacer?

As we have mentioned above, the DXRacer gaming chairs have met with many fine reviews and accolades from both users and in the world of design, and for good reason. The design of these chairs, with their notably high backrest, is intended to give ultimate support to the user, while the materials used and the ergonomic design are both very noticeable. It is perhaps also notable that these chairs follow a ‘classic’ look but stamp their own mark on it, so have what can only be called a unique and recognisable style. So, what is it about the DXRacer gaming chairs that makes them so special? Let’s have a look at some reasons why we think you should but one of these chairs.


Let’s not forget, these chairs were designed with gamers in mind; that is, people who are going to spend a long time sitting in one position to play games. Now, we all know that this can lead to problems with the spine – and other health side-effects that may be the result of poor posture or extended sitting in one place – so the DXRacer gaming chairs are designed with both health and comfort in mind. The cleverly researched and sculpted shape of the back, for example, is intended to be kind to the body from the pelvis, through the spine and also to the neck, which is another reason many people have chosen them as office chairs – another example of being in one place for a long time.


All DXRacer gaming chairs are fully adjustable in a number of ways, giving them added versatility and enabling them to be tailored to the individual user. One area in which this is particularly welcome – and especially for gamers – is in the armrests, which come with a wide variety of possible adjustments. A common complaint of gaming chairs is that armrests are often flimsy and at a height that does not suit everyone; DXRacer gaming chairs allow you to move your armrests through a variety of different settings, so should be good for you.


The strong and solid construction of DXRacer gaming chairs is one of the reasons that they have become extremely popular. The frame is made from top quality steel – a cleverly designed framework that means the chair will not lose its shape – and the materials on top are also of the highest quality so you have a chair that will be comfortable and retain its shape throughout its long lifetime. This is one reason why these chairs are also popular in the office, too.

Size Options

DXRacer gaming chairs come in a range of different seating sizes, unlike many other comparable products. This means that even larger gamers – or other users – can find a chair that is perfect for them to use in comfort. This is a touch we like very much, and more manufacturers of gaming and other chairs should pay attention to this clever detail – after all, not everyone is the same size!

Angle Adjustment

For those who like to lean while gaming, the DXRacer gaming chairs range features a tilt mechanism that allows it to be adjusted back to as much as 130-degrees, with the chair lockable in position at whatever point you feel is comfortable for you. This clever design touch is easy to use, and makes a world of difference if leaning back is your chosen position.


Part of the appeal of DXRacer gaming chairs is that each one can be fitted with a range of specially made accessories, meaning you can customise your chair to suit your specific needs. This is a gamers delight, and will also impress the office user who, perhaps, wants a clever holder for a drink.

The above are just a few reasons why the DXRacer gaming chairs range is so highly regarded, and we believe that these well-made and attractive chairs are worth looking at, whether you are a gaming fanatic looking for the ultimate chair, or you are looking for an interesting, comfortable and durable office chair that will help with your posture. Before we go on, let’s just have a summary of the notable pros and cons of DXRacer gaming chairs, so you can remember what you need to look out for:

DXRacer Pros:

Comfort and Health

DXRacer gaming chairs are designed to be both comfortable and beneficial to the health of the user, whether that is someone who is into long-term gaming, or the office user who will be sat in one position for a long time. Poor posture is one of the most damaging of all things when it comes to the spine, and the back in general, and these chairs are designed specifically to help with that. The position and style of the chair is also helpful in reducing fatigue – another problem found in those who spend long periods sitting in one position – and the padding and foam that has been designed into the chair, plus the adjustable back position and arm rests, are added benefits of such a cleverly designed and well thought-out chair.

Full Support

Such is the comprehensive nature of the DXRacer gaming chairs range, you can find a chair that is designed for any shape or size of person. Unlike most chairs, DXRacer recognises that some of us are heavier, broader, or just generally bigger than others, and you can find chairs with wide seats, taller backs and many other design aspects that help you get the best comfort from your chair. Furthermore, as they are fully adjustable, you will be able to tailor your chair exactly to you.


Make no mistake, these are quality chairs, built with a very string steel frame and cleverly designed padding, plus outer materials that are resistant to wear and that will last a long time. DXRacer gaming chairs are not intended just to last a few years, but for a long time beyond, so you get the ultimate in value for money.


For gamers, this is perhaps the main selling point, but for those who use their DXRacer gaming chairs in the office it is still an interesting factor. You can customise your chair to a great degree, and have fun as well as adding to the comfort level.

Those are a few of the best bits, so it’s only fair that we mention a couple of potential downsides:

DXRacer Cons:


We’re being honest when we say that DXRacer gaming chairs are not the cheapest on the market, but as with many items, you get what you pay for. What you get in this instance is a very cleverly designed, well-made and durable gaming or office chair that is going to last you a long time and give you plenty of comfort, and be perfect for sitting in for a long time. Is that price a negative? If it’s out of your budget, of course, but if within it, you won’t find much better for the price.


While this has been mentioned as a downside by some buyers, in actual fact the amount of assembly you need to carry out is minimal, and you don’t really need any special DIY skills to do it. By all accounts the instructions are easy to follow, and putting your chair together will not be difficult, although as always, it’s better to enlist a second pair of hands than to try and do it all yourself.

So, the only two cons we can find are really very minor, and overall you are getting a superb chair that, while designed for gaming, is also perfectly good for office use. You can choose between a wide variety of options – there are many different models in the range – and you will be sure to get a chair that you can tailor to suit your specific needs. Before we sum things up, we will just say that we really think you should check out our reviews of the different DXRacer gaming chairs ranges, as we will give you all the information you need in one place.


So, after all that, is there a chair for you among the DXRacer gaming chairs range? We reckon there most certainly is, as the choice is as comprehensive as you can possibly get. These chairs come across a variety of different ranges – each with its own attributes – and they are supremely comfortable, very usable and also extremely attractive. They are easy to put together, not as expensive as you may think when compared to other gaming chairs – or office chairs to be fair – and are so well-made that they will last you a long time.

We can’t recommend one particular range or chair to you, but what we hope we have done is given you enough information to help you understand what the DXRacer gaming chairs are all about, so why not check out our further reviews, and see if you can find the one for you? Remember, there are chairs for all sizes and even the heavier people among us will be able to find a quality, comfortable, fully adjustable DXRacer gaming chair that suits them.

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